Boo – Derogatory Remarks​ & Hard Inquiries Removal

With this subscription, you will be automatically charged $185.99 thirty days after the initial purchase to continue your dispute process. (UNLESS YOU REQUEST A CANCELATION)

  1. After your purchase, you will be redirected to our “What We Need From You” form to add the account name, account number and inquiry date of the items you need to be removed. You can use ( or ( to access your account number and inquiry dates. Experian will require a free 7-day trial. We will not need your social security, address, or any other sensitive information that the majority of credit repair services need.


2. Once we receive your account number and inquiry dates via email we will create a dispute for all three credit bureaus with our dispute documentation. Which will be worded differently with each dispute if other rounds are needed. Once we have completed your documents you will receive them via email.

What Now?

3. Once you receive your email with your disputes you can get your disputes notarized which can be obtained at a (personal bank, library, government organization, police station, credit union, etc.) for free.

After your documents are notarized you can take them to USPS and mail them as “certified mail” this will force the bureaus to confirm that they have received your documents. This requires them to process your disputes on arrival. With your disputes being notarized the bureaus can’t claim there isn’t enough present verification to process your dispute. 

Why Do I Have to Do This?

Only you can send in your credit documentation to the bureaus, this is because they will ask for verification. If we sent it through USPS without notarization It would be denied. (You can skip steps 1 & 2 if you choose to pay our $75 startup fee)

We have a 100% success rating with disputing this is the law, isn’t it time you use it in your favor?

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