COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package Update

States from Arkansas to California, and Michigan to West Virginia, are providing financial assistance to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. This comprehensive guide will bring you up to speed on the most recent news on the forthcoming economic assistance.

To deal with the economic instability caused by COVID-19, poor and middle-income households throughout the United States are being handed financial assistance in the form of several types of stimulus payments. However, there has been a change in which states are now responsible for caring about their inhabitants, therefore several of the 50 states in the United States have either given out stimulus checks or established welfare programs to assist individuals in need. In this guide, we describe what is occurring in each of the 50 states of the United States in terms of financial help and stimulus payments.

Federal stimulus checks first came to the rescue at the onset of this epidemic, but it is now up to the states to develop fresh and diverse economic initiatives that will give welcome relief to families around the country.

highlighted states where COVID-19 economic stimulus packages are being produced or disputed, or where money is already being distributed to citizens. We’ll also go through how to get these fourth stimulus checks.

COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package Update For Each Of The 50 States

Several states have already begun to pay out cheques to alleviate some of the financial hardship caused by COVID-19 and the ensuing long-term measures. Furthermore, each new month might bring new developments, so here’s a look at the stimulus check status in each state for October 2021.

Below, we examine in-depth the different states and what they are now offering in terms of COVID-19 economic stimulus packages help to residents.

Alabama Economic Stimulus Package

It’s uncertain if Alabama citizens will get further COVID-19 relief checks, but it doesn’t appear positive. With Alabama’s low unemployment rate, the state government sees no need for any stimulus funds. The latest news from the state on the COVID-19 relief funding is that Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law a number of laws that would allow the state to begin the construction of new jails using federal aid dollars.

Alaska Economic Stimulus Package

Alaska residents may be eligible for financial assistance under the Federal-State Extended Benefits program, which may provide an additional 13 to 20 weeks of payments. This, however, is only available to select residents and is contingent on how much of the pot of money has previously been claimed. Furthermore, Alaskans are anxiously awaiting word on what will happen with the yearly oil wealth checks.

Arizona Economic Stimulus Package

In the midst of COVID-19, there is no evidence of Arizona giving a new kind of financial help, with Governor Doug Ducey planning to utilize federal funds to encourage individuals to find jobs rather than pay them not to work. The state’s Back to Employment Program provides a one-time $1,000 payment to jobless individuals who accept part-time work and a 2,000 dollar payout to any unemployed individual who accepts a full-time position.

Arkansas Economic Stimulus Package

Arkansas will have to wait for a fourth stimulus payment since the state government is now embroiled in a court dispute with its own inhabitants over the termination of federal unemployment benefits worth $300 per week. A fourth check is unlikely until that war is won.

California Economic Stimulus Package – Golden State Stimulus II

As of yet, California is the only state that has delivered a stimulus check from its own funds in the form of the Golden State Stimulus, owing to the state’s budget surplus as a result of its tax structure. Residents earning between 30,000 and 75,000 dollars per year are eligible for 500 or 600 dollars, as well as 500 dollars for families with dependent children.

These Golden State Stimulus payments began to be distributed to eligible residents throughout California on September 17, but if you are hoping to get a check in the mail, this will begin on October 5. It is critical to note that in order to receive Golden State Stimulus payments, you must have submitted your 2020 tax return by midnight on Friday, October 15.

Colorado Economic Stimulus Package

People who received at least one unemployment benefit between March 15, 2020, and October 24, 2020, will be eligible for a 375-dollar payout. Those with higher salaries who qualify for more than $500 per week in work benefits, on the other hand, will be ineligible.

Connecticut Economic Stimulus Package

Connecticut’s “Back to Work” plan, launched by Governor Ned Lamont in September 2021, included a $1,000 stipend for qualifying candidates who returned to work after eight weeks of unemployment.

Delaware Economic Stimulus Package

Delawareans who do not normally file federal income tax returns are reminded to keep a lookout in their mailboxes for a letter from the IRS informing them that they may be eligible for a federal Economic Impact Payment (EIP).

“According to the IRS, letters are being sent to 32,875 Delaware residents who do not have to submit a tax return. Despite the fact that the federal government has already made payouts to over 500,000 individuals in Delaware, I want to ensure that everyone who is entitled to one receives one “Colleen Davis, the state treasurer, said.

Florida Economic Stimulus Package

Although things are still in the works, most teachers and administrators will get a $1,000 payout.

Georgia Economic Stimulus Package

Georgia’s proposal is significant; full-time teachers and administrators would get $1,000, while part-time instructors will receive $500. Pre-K instructors will very certainly be eligible for compensation as well.

Hawaii Economic Stimulus Package

In Hawaii, legislators proposed giving teachers $2,200, but Governor David Ige rejected it, claiming that lawmakers lacked the power to advise the Department of Education on how to spend federal funds.

Idaho Economic Stimulus Package

Some Idaho residents are likely to get a one-time tax refund in the coming months, according to Boise State Public Radio. This cash refund will be provided to full-time residents who filed their income tax returns in 2019 and 2020, and they will get either a minimum of $50, plus another $50 for each dependant, or 9% of the state income tax that they paid in 2019, whichever is larger.

Illinois Economic Stimulus Package

Illinoisans, like any other state, have been entitled to government stimulus checks, but with such payments halting at the federal level, it seems that there are no plans for an all-encompassing stimulus check to be sent, which means that individuals in places like Chicago would lose out.

People in Illinois, on the other hand, may still apply for the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit if they qualify.

Indiana Economic Stimulus Package

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb terminated unemployment benefits on June 19th. That was significantly ahead of the September 6 deadline stipulated in the American Rescue Plan. Jobseekers in Indiana filed a lawsuit against the state, and a court struggle ensued. The eventual result of considerable wrangling is that Indiana will continue to pay federal unemployment benefits to individuals who are qualified.

Iowa Economic Stimulus Package

While there is no immediate stimulus package on the horizon, current and prospective college students may apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) ahead of the 2021-22 academic year. This might save a family up to 30,000 dollars.

Kansas Economic Stimulus Package

According to Internal Revenue Service documents, Kansas either rejected, paid back, or failed to pay approximately $17 million in stimulus funds (12,921 checks). There is no fresh information on whether Kansas will give more stimulus checks at this time.

Kentucky Economic Stimulus Package

Local sources indicate that extra stimulus funds may be awarded in Kentucky as a result of a significant increase in unemployment claims, however, nothing specific has yet been declared.

Louisiana Economic Stimulus Package

Unemployment has risen in Louisiana, owing mostly to Hurricane Ida, and requests for further help are growing, but no official word on quantities or payment dates has been issued.

Maine Economic Stimulus Package

Maine does not seem to be preparing any more stimulus funds before the end of the year.

Maryland Economic Stimulus Package

All state and municipal taxes on unemployment benefits have been removed, and the Act also included stimulus payments of $500 for families and $300 for individuals who applied for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

With funding allocated by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, 700 million dollars have been made aside for farmworkers and meatpackers, with around 20 million dollars going to grocery shop workers.

Massachussetts Economic Stimulus Package

It seems that Massachusetts will not get another stimulus payment, since most of the coronavirus relief money has gone towards sectors such as housing in recent months.

Michigan Economic Stimulus Package

In an effort to improve the local economy in Michigan, the state has begun to issue 500 dollar hazard pay bonuses to school teachers.

Minnesota Economic Stimulus Package

116,000 Minnesotans have been notified that they must register for their COVID-19 stimulus payment, which is worth up to $1,200.

Mississippi Economic Stimulus Package

Mississippi was one of the first states where unemployment benefits stimulus payments were terminated early, and there are presently no plans to send out any stimulus checks, in contrast to many other states throughout the United States. This is one of the states where a new round of payments is improbable. Nonetheless, there is a growing desire for more money to be distributed to Mississippi residents.

Missouri Economic Stimulus Package

Missouri low-income families who are jobless due to COVID-19 are now eligible for a temporary Child Care Subsidy payment for up to 60 days while they hunt for employment. This perk is valid until May 31, 2021.

Montana Economic Stimulus Package

Montana’s part of the federal coronavirus relief package passed in March would fund a range of municipal infrastructure projects, including 86 water and sewer improvements around the state.

Nebraska Economic Stimulus Package

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has allotted $1,099,058 to Nebraska, but there has been no information in the previous month on whether any extra financial aid would be provided to individuals in need.

Nevada Economic Stimulus Package

The Child Tax Credit provides between $3,000 and $3,600 per child to almost all working households in Nevada. Half of the credit will be distributed in monthly installments beginning in July and continuing through December 2021, with the other half distributed via 2021 tax refunds. The state of Nevada is doing quite well in terms of responding to the COVID-19 epidemic, with the state’s gambling sector bringing in approximately a billion dollars per month, however, they recognize that if stimulus funds are no longer available, this may drop.

New Hampshire Economic Stimulus Package

In New Hampshire, an American family of three with no income gets a stipend of $1,086 a month.

New Jersey Economic Stimulus Package

Although a fourth stimulus check is not anticipated in New Jersey, taxpayers may be eligible for $500 tax rebate.

New Mexico Economic Stimulus Package

The state of New Mexico has put aside $5 million to assist its residents in dealing with the economic consequences of COVID-19. This is a one-time payment that will prioritize low-income families before a limited number of candidates are selected depending on funding availability.

New York Economic Stimulus Package

In New York, there is a 2.1 billion dollar fund for illegal employees who were unable to receive federal stimulus funds. To be eligible, you must be a resident of the state and have earned less than $26,208 in 2020.

Furthermore, the New York City Artist Corps will assist local artists with a one-time payment scheduled to be given in October.

North Carolina Economic Stimulus Package

Currently, there is no information available from North Carolina on stimulus funds and other types of financial assistance.

North Dakota Economic Stimulus Package

The US Department of Education approved North Dakota’s use of American Rescue Plan monies to help K-12 schools and students in August 2021, with 101 million dollars granted to the state in this area.

Ohio Economic Stimulus Package

The state of Ohio stated in September that 46 million dollars will be spent to help students in need, with grants ranging from $250 to 3,000 dollars given out based on each individual’s need.

Oklahoma Economic Stimulus Package

The Oklahoma State Department of Education will use $13 million of its COVID-19 relief funds to compensate student teachers.

Oregon Economic Stimulus Package

There have been no fresh updates on COVID-19-related relief payments for Oregon citizens since August.

Pennsylvania Economic Stimulus Package

Pennsylvania is not one of the states that have provided additional stimulus or relief funds to its inhabitants.

Rhode Island Economic Stimulus Package

Workers in Rhode Island are hopeful that Congress would pass legislation that would offer a fourth stimulus check of $1,400 to Social Security beneficiaries, but this has yet to happen, despite internet initiatives.

South Carolina Economic Stimulus Package

South Carolina is one of the slowest states in terms of COVID recovery, and no extra assistance has been provided.

South Dakota Economic Stimulus Package

South Dakota was the only state that refused to accept the federally funded $300 weekly unemployment compensation, known as Lost Wages Assistance, which was available for up to six weeks beginning in August.

Tennessee Economic Stimulus Package

Teachers will get $1,000 checks labeled as hazard pay bonuses, while part-time teachers would receive $500 checks.

Texas Economic Stimulus Package

Nothing has been confirmed at the state level, but Fort Worth and Arlington will raise district employee compensation by 4%. Denton and Mansfield will boost salary by 2%, and Denton workers will also get a $500 bonus.

In Irving, teachers who return to the school in September will get a 2,000 dollar bonus.

Utah Economic Stimulus Package

Utah families earned the most valued stimulus checks in the third batch of payments, with the average check worth $2,784 dollars, it was reported in July.

Vermont Economic Stimulus Package

Vermont is attempting to entice individuals to relocate to the state by offering to refund up to $7,500 in relocation fees when transferring for a job in a variety of sectors. This will also apply to remote employees beginning in February 2022.

Virginia Economic Stimulus Package

According to the US Sun, around 7,700 stimulus cheques remain unclaimed in West Virginia, and individuals might get further payouts if the state is hanging onto any of that money from either stimulus checks or child tax credit money. Meanwhile, the Virginia town of Boyce intends to use ARPA monies to deliver a stimulus check to its people.

Washington Economic Stimulus Package

Despite appeals in Washington for the fourth round of inspections, the state has cooled on the idea.

West Virginia Economic Stimulus Package

There are almost 7,700 unclaimed stimulus checks, Child Tax Credits, and other benefits in West Virginia.

Of course, the issue is whether any of those stimulus checks can be restored.

“If you haven’t filed one, you should,” said John Empson, a Certified Public Accountant. “You can go to IRS.GOV, ‘Where’s my Stimulus Check?’, and look on there and enter your information and that may be able to help you, but filing a tax return will help, and even if you don’t have any taxable income, you can still file a tax return electronically, and that’s the best way to get one soon.”

Wisconsin Economic Stimulus Package

The new federal child tax credit would support households with more than 1.15 million children in Wisconsin, and it is predicted that 46,000 families will move over the federal poverty line as a consequence.

Wyoming Economic Stimulus Package

Wyoming’s enhanced assistance will be phased down in the summer of 2021.

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