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Dom Lucre Twitter Thread Collection

You requested it, here it is!

Here are all of my threads and donation info, thank you so much for pushing me and holding me accountable.

All of your tips are greatly appreciated, and they help keep this information coming!

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1. Proof that Democrats trust the media more than science

2. Andrew Tate is a Human Trafficker

3. Who Did Jeffrey Epstein Work For

4. Democrats used the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to destroy the black family structure.

5. Proof that Republicans are evil and racist.

6. How Republicans Started Slavery and the KKK:

7. Why every American should support banning Guns and the NRA:

8. Proof that Racist Republicans and Democrats switched parties between the 1860s and the 1960s.

9. Proof that Obama is The Greatest President of all Time and Helped Black People.

10. Why Antifa Should Replace The Police and Be Allowed To Riot!

11. Proof that Malcolm X Was Killed by Racist Republican White Supremacists.

12. Proof that Republican disapproval of Ilhan Omar is rooted in racism towards Muslims

13. Proof That January 6, 2021 Was The Most Dangerous Insurrection In American History.

14. Proof that Ray Epps Was a Die-Hard Trump Supporter!

15. Why Joe Biden Will End The Racism Republicans Started In America

16. Proof that Republicans Should Support Pro-Choice and Why Black People Should Have More Abortions.

17. Proof that Republican influencers are being paid to promote racism, bigotry, and hate.

18. Corn Pop was a bad dude

19. Proof Kari Lake lost her election and that Republicans are election deniers

20. Proof that every African American should get Reparations because White people still benefit from slavery.

21. Proof that Democrat Influencer Brian and Ed Krassenstein are true heroes! The Ponzi Bot Brothers!

22. Undeniable Proof that Climate Change Will End the World in 2024 If We Don’t Act Now!

23. Proof that Rob Reiner is about to send Donald Trump to jail.

24. Proof that you are a Nazi if you don’t #StandWithUkraine

25. Proof that George Soros Has Helped Create World Peace.

26. Proof that Donald Trump is a Pedophile that worked with Jeffrey Epstein.

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Dom Lucre

Dom Lucre