Ebates vs. BeFrugal: Comparison of Cash-Back Shopping Sites 2022


Before signing up with Ebates or BeFrugal, compare cash-back rates and distribution procedures.

Cash-back websites operate on the assumption that you may earn money for doing something you almost certainly already do – shopping.

Which site to join? We looked at two popular choices to see how their features stacked up. Examine the parallels and differences between Ebates and BeFrugal.

How do they work

Cash-back websites are simply more powerful coupon aggregators. They aggregate discounts and offers from thousands of shops and provide cashback on qualified members’ purchases. These websites get a commission from merchants in exchange for sending you to their businesses, and they transfer part of that commission to you in the form of cash-back percentages.

Assume you visit Ebates or BeFrugal and then make an online purchase at your favorite retailer. You would get a portion of your purchase returned. If you spend $200 and earn 10% cashback, you’ll get $20 back.

Here’s what more you should know about how they operate:

Ebates BeFrugal
Cash-back offers available Yes Yes
Retailers with cash-back offers Over 2,000 Over 5,000
Coupons available Yes Yes
Referral bonuses Yes Yes
Payout method Check, PayPal Check, PayPal, gift card, direct deposit to bank account
Browser extension Yes Yes
App Yes Yes

Signing up

It is quite simple to sign up with Ebates or BeFrugal. Joining is completely free. Each one requires the use of an email address. If you want your future profits addressed to you, you’ll need to supply a postal address as well.

Members must be at least 18 years old and may begin collecting funds right immediately. Ebates offers a $10 welcome prize to new members who make at least $25 in qualified purchases within 90 days of joining. If a new member joins BeFrugal during a promotional time, they will get a cash incentive.

Earning cash back

It’s time to get to work once you’ve created an account. With each site, you shop as usual, but instead of going straight to the retailer’s website, you go to the cash-back site first. So you’d go to the Macy’s page on Ebates or BeFrugal, then click on the Macy’s site to purchase that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on.

Both cash-back services include a browser extension and an app that may remind you to use a cash-back offer at a partner merchant.

Ebates claims to give up to 40% cashback at over 2,000 businesses, as well as hundreds of coupons to stack for extra savings. BeFrugal offers up to 40% cashback at over 5,000 businesses, as well as hundreds of discounts and bargains.

Cashback offers vary and change regularly, so you may earn more or less at the same shop depending on when you purchase. We analyzed percentages at a few major businesses to determine which site would save you the most money.

Neither site consistently provided the best cash-back rate, so the optimal choice depends depend on which shops you purchase at the most and when you buy.

Other ways to earn rewards

Both services also enable you to earn extra points by recommending friends. You may earn money for each recommendation you make at Ebates. People you suggest must join up for Ebates within the referral period and make eligible purchases within a certain time frame.

During the bonus program time, you will receive $10 for each person you introduce to BeFrugal. (Your buddy must use your unique Refer-a-Friend link to join up as a member, confirm the account, and earn $10 or more in cashback, excluding bonuses, within 365 days of account creation.)

Referral incentive offers are subject to change, so keep an eye on Ebates and BeFrugal.

How to get paid

Following the purchase and recommending comes the exciting part: collecting your rewards.

You may have to wait a bit longer to see the results of your Ebates purchasing. Payouts are made quarterly, so you’ll get your money every three months. According to the company’s website, there are two methods of payment: check or PayPal credit. To get paid in a given quarter, you must earn a minimum of $5.01 (excluding extra awards).

When you reach the minimum payout level, you may submit a payment request to BeFrugal. The minimum is determined by the payment mechanism. Payments will be received within 10 business days of your payment request, according to the website. Payment choices include check, PayPal credit, gift card, or direct transfer to your bank account.

Start cashing in — but be careful

Many of the benefits offered by Ebates and BeFrugal are the same. Your decision will be influenced by where you buy and how often you need cash. BeFrugal is your best chance for a possible faster payment turnaround and a larger range of merchants to purchase at. However, if you shop at businesses where Ebates gives a larger cash-back %, it may be the best option for you.

Before you start utilizing either, keep this in mind: Cash-back shopping sites might be enticing. Credit Cadabra suggests utilizing these sites for purchasing things that you were going to buy anyhow. Don’t shop only for the sake of a cash-back deal.

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