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How to get your child a good credit score: What you should know about authorized users

How to get your child an 850 credit score


Prepare your future for the future.

Your child does not have to wait until they are 18 to start working on their credit score. Some parents utilize their child’s credit to apply for financing when their credit is not eligible for financing.

We strongly advise against this but to use a strategy that is similar that would raise their credit score.

this is better than the risk it being too low before they can apply on their own.

How to do it?

If you have a credit card and you're making payments on time you can actually make your child an "authorized user" of the credit card. 

Regardless of their age, your payments on that credit card will raise your child’s credit score each month. If you maintain the payment for years.

When your child is ready to graduate they will have excellent credit!

Why is this important?

If your child graduates with an 850 credit score they would be eligible for the lowest interest rates on their first car.

they would never have to worry about additional activation fees for their first apartment or home.

If they choose to continue their education in college, they would never have to worry about getting approved from a third-party student loan.

These are only a small amount of positives your child would benefit from.

The best part about this tactic is it’s very inexpensive.


Ensuring that your child benefits from payments that you regularly make allow for you to add an extra layer of security of your child’s future before they even decide what’s their favorite color.

Always avoid placing your child on a credit card that has missed payments or is being sent to collections. Our children are our future let’s start today and ensure it’s bright!




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Toshiko Osaka

Toshiko Osaka