HVAC Financing Bad Credit: Programs and Breakdown 2022

HVAC Financing Bad Credit

Having bad credit puts you in a difficult situation: You only have bad credit since you couldn’t afford to make a few payments in the past, which implies you’re no longer eligible for reasonable monthly payments on credit for appliances. So, how do you go about getting a new HVAC unit when you need one? With financing, there is a payment option for EVERYONE — whether you have good or bad credit.

What’s a Rent-to-Own HVAC Program?

A rent-to-own HVAC program is exactly what it sounds like: a chance to get a new HVAC system when you need it at a lower monthly cost. The primary distinction between this program and purchasing a new HVAC system on credit is numerous:

  • You do not need good a credit score to participate in this program.
  • You don’t yet own the air conditioner entirely, but you will.
  • Maintenance services are included in your unit’s fee.
  • The monthly payments are lower than if you bought the unit on credit.

How to Sign Up for a Rent-to-Own HVAC Program

Signing up for a rent-to-own air conditioning program is simply as simple as 1-2-3. First, you’ll fill out an application for the program. Again, since you’re renting to own, you may finance an air conditioner with good or bad credit. In other words, the application procedure will be rather straightforward.

Once you’ve been authorized, you will be connected with a local contractor, an HVAC technician who can transport and install your new unit. This is also the company you will call if you want maintenance services (which, again, are included in your monthly rate).

Then, you’ll set up an installation date with the contractor and decide on the best monthly pricing for your budget.

Who’s Eligible for a Rent-to-Own HVAC Program?

We may lease HVAC equipment to those with bad credit since we have additional qualifying requirements. Because so many individuals are qualified for our program, it’s simpler to list those who aren’t. Those who rent their houses or land are engaged in reverse mortgages, are presently in a rent-to-own property deal, or are homeowners with bankruptcy cases are the only persons who are NOT eligible to sign up for our rent-to-own AC program.

Everyone else is dressed in green!

What Information Will I Need to Apply for a Rent-to-Own HVAC Program?

When you’re ready to apply for a rent-to-own AC program, you’ll need the following information:

Your homeowner’s insurance coverage
Your checking account’s routing and account numbers
Your SS#
Pay stubs or bank statements from the last several months
Details for a co-applicant (if necessary)
At the end of the day, applying couldn’t harm. You’ll most likely be pleasantly pleased by the outcomes, which include a low-cost HVAC unit installed in your house without having to dip into your finances.

This is how to finance an air conditioner with good or bad credit. Contact us if you need credit repair or ways to increase your credit score.

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