Is Moon Bitcoin Live an Awesome Investment 2022?

Is Moon Bitcoin Live an Awesome Investment?

As the globe adjusts to the “new normal” brought on by the worldwide epidemic, many people are looking for new methods to generate online money. Investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is one of the new growing trends.

Several investing platforms have taken advantage of this popularity to attract new customers. Moon Bitcoin Live has undoubtedly used this as a chance to promote its services. Is it, however, worthwhile to invest in them? How dependable are they? Is Moon Bitcoin Live a worthwhile investment?

These are only a few of the questions that will be addressed in this study.

What exactly is Moon Bitcoin Live?

Moon Bitcoin Live is a new investing platform that claims to double its customers’ bitcoins in 24 hours. This site promises to multiply bitcoins quickly and to offer guaranteed rewards.

If you’re just starting out, their webpage might be rather compelling. However, if you want to obtain your money’s value, you must go beyond the phrases advertised.

Moon Bitcoin Live emphasizes its double bitcoin offer by ensuring its customers of the services it offers. Let’s go through each of these services one by one.

The “Trusted Bitcoin Investment”

To begin investing with Moon Bitcoin Live, just enter your Bitcoin (BTC) address onto their website. Unlike other investing platforms, they do not need membership since they promise to allow anonymous trading. To begin, a minimum of 0.01 BTC is required. Meanwhile, the most you can trade is 5 BTC.

Moon Bitcoin Live also bills itself as the “World’s First Trusted Bitcoin Doubler.” A list of their real-time transactions may be seen by scrolling down on their website’s home page. The details of these transactions are available to anybody who visits their website.

These parameters include the transaction type and date, the BTC investment address, and the amount paid and deposited. Based on their technology, they also show the status of these transactions. When you click on the BTC investment addresses shown on their website, you will be redirected to the Blockchain page, which summarizes the client transaction.

In terms of the doubler service, Moon Bitcoin Live claims to have never had a transaction delayed for more than 24 hours. This, they claim, is not due to the emergency savings wallet that they employ to double bitcoins from failed or stalled doubles. This wallet serves as a safety net, ensuring that customers get their double bitcoins on schedule.

Aside from this, Moon Bitcoin Live assures all of its customers that they will “earn bitcoin without danger.” However, no supporting material on how they achieved this was available, other than their claim of having a unique system algorithm in place. The only thing they can say about it is that it is an “automatic bitcoin doubler system with a unique algorithm.”

Is Moon Bitcoin 100% Secure?

Online investment is always dangerous because of the number of frauds that may occur with just a few clicks. Online investing platforms such as Moon Bitcoin Live are not immune from this restriction.

The easiest approach to assess a trading platform’s credibility is to examine whether it is registered and licensed to operate. This should come from authorities that have laid down a clear set of principles and regulations for all sorts of investment firms.

Being regulated essentially implies that a corporation has met the bare minimum of standards to function lawfully. This entails a series of checks on their procedure in respect to the services they provide.

Moon Bitcoin Live claims to be registered in the United Kingdom under the name Finance Ltd. A scanned copy of their Certificate of Incorporation may be seen on their website.

However, investigations discovered that they are not genuinely registered. All investment firms should have a single registration number. Moon Bitcoin Live, on the other hand, has two separate phone numbers listed on their website. Their registration number is 10714202, according to their Certificate of Incorporation, which can be seen on their Contact Us page. This, however, does not match the one seen at the bottom of their website, 1051808.

When this was checked with Company House, the registrar of firms in the United Kingdom, it was discovered that the two registration numbers belonged to two separate companies. Their certificate’s registration number (10714202) belongs to Bitcoin Finance Ltd, while the other (10518084) belongs to a firm named Crypto Zero Ltd.

In addition, their certificate wrongly refers to “the Companies Act 2019,” rather than “the Companies Act 2006.” However, this is not the end of the story. They not only have a forged certification, but they also have a forged address. Moon Bitcoin Live’s actual address, which is listed on their website, is likewise incorrect. There is no office in Manchester Arndale, Manchester M4 11AD, England.

If this does not frighten you, maybe the next item will. After all, money is involved.

Their “Guaranteed Payouts”

Investing is always fraught with danger. We all know that, but if they are easily distracted by speedy returns, this message may fall on deaf ears.

This method is also used by Moon Bitcoin Live. The fact that they do not need membership is already a warning signal for investing with them. Although this is appealing, particularly for individuals who are wary of protracted procedures, it also reduces the legitimacy of the transactions you are doing with them.

This is shown by the scarcity of information on their website. What happens when you input your BTC address? Moon Bitcoin Live does not clarify what procedures you must do after depositing your funds.

They also did not clarify the payment options they accept, instead directing you to look for it on your own. Despite this, they continue to encourage higher contributions by claiming to give a 200 percent incentive for payments above 0.5 BTC.

If they actually are a trustworthy organization, it would be in their best interests to provide a brief summary of how they function. Transparency in their services should not be restricted to transactions recorded on their website. It should also provide a procedure outline for their client’s benefit.

Accessing your account quickly and easily should also be a consideration while trading. The top online trading platforms provide outstanding customer service by having a clean and user-friendly interface, clear monitoring boards, and a well-established set of standards.

Some certified platforms even provide educational programs to their consumers. They do this in order to persuade their customers to invest more. It also gives children the ability to study on their own and take charge of their own lives.

Moon Bitcoin Live lacks this feature. Instead, they have an affiliate network that acts as a recommendation system to encourage more individuals to sign up. After each successful referral, a 20% commission is paid. Anyone with extensive expertise in trading and investing understands that this should not be encouraged. A regulated firm really educates and warns its investors about the dangers associated with their actions.

What happens next?

The first thing you should do is educate yourself about investing. There are several materials accessible online. You name it: books, films, or websites. It’s even the subject of podcasts.

If what they say is true, Moon Bitcoin Live is a fantastic investment. Unfortunately, our review revealed various flaws in the claims they make.

Apart from the terrible evaluations about them, there is no additional information available outside of their website. Legally, they don’t exist at all. If this doesn’t raise a red signal for you, undertake your own inquiry.

Investing in bitcoin necessitates a significant amount of capital. Although it may seem to be an easy way out, internet investments take a significant amount of your time and patience. Technology has made things a lot quicker, but this does not always correlate to quick money. Online investments such as bitcoin may seem to be intriguing at first sight, but you must first do a thorough background check. Are you willing to deal online? Do you understand the dangers?

Make use of technology to your advantage. If you have the necessary resources, bitcoin may be an excellent way for you to make extra money.

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