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Longest flight in the world

Longest commercial flight in the world

As Qantas announces plans to start a 19-hour flight in 2025, here’s a look at the airlines that currently offer the longest flights.

Qantas has announced plans to run the world’s longest commercial flight between Sydney and London by the end of 2025. The Airbus A350 aircraft will take a little more than 19 hours to make the trip.

Only a small number of airlines can currently fly nonstop over such long distances. This poses a number of problems, including those related to the planes’ abilities, their commercial viability, and even the health of the crew and passengers.

Here are some of the longest-lasting flights in the world today:

Singapore to New York: 18 hours and 40 minutes

At the moment, Singapore Airlines flight SQ24 from Singapore to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport is the longest commercial flight in the world. It takes Airbus A350-900s more than 15,000 kilometers from Singapore to New York, which is in the eastern United States.

The airline also runs the second-longest trip in the world. Flight SQ22 is supposed to take 18 hours and 25 minutes to get to Newark in the US state of New Jersey.

Darwin to London: 17 hours and 55 minutes

QF9, Qantas’s longest flight, goes from Darwin in northern Australia to London every day. Passengers travel nearly 14,000 km in Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

The flights used to go between London and the western city of Perth, but because of travel restrictions in Australia caused by the Covid virus, they were moved to Darwin. Qantas has said that the flight from Perth to London will start up again this year.

Los Angeles to Singapore: more than 17 hours

In 17 hours and 10 minutes, Singapore Airlines Flight SQ35 takes people from Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States across the Pacific Ocean to the Asian city-state. The flight is more than 14,000 km long.

The flight from San Francisco to Singapore will take 16 hours and 40 minutes, according to the company.

New York to Hong Kong: 17 hours

Cathay Pacific said in March that it planned to change its route from New York to Hong Kong so that it would fly over the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Pacific Ocean. This would make the trip longer than Singapore Airlines’ flight SQ24 from JFK to Hong Kong.

The flight will go “just under 9,000 nautical miles,” which is 16,668 kilometers, and will take 16 to 17 hours.

Cathay Pacific said the decision was made because the new route was better because of “strong seasonal tailwinds.”

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