OnlyFans: Earnings and Costs Review For 2022

OnlyFans: Earnings and Costs Review For 2022

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based content service. OnlyFans, founded in 2016 in London by British internet entrepreneur and investor Timothy Stokely, is a platform allowing content creators to sell exclusive content to their target audience for a premium fee. Creators may put their content behind a paywall, enabling fans to access it in exchange for a monthly subscription or a one-time donation. OnlyFans now has over 50 million registered users and over 1 million content creators.

OnlyFans creators may submit a variety of control that appeals to the audience they are attempting to reach. OnlyFans has few limitations, which makes it simple for content creators to submit pornographic stuff, which is what the site finally became known for. When most people think of OnlyFans, they think of explicit stuff from sex workers, models who post NSFW content, and other things. But that’s not why the site was made. Anyone may post anything they want on their OnlyFans.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

OnlyFans’ mission is to offer a platform for artists to develop and share exceptional, premium content that is not available anywhere else. Creators may choose whether their page is free or paid, and followers can then pay to have access to the exclusive content. While artists may register accounts for free, when they make money from the site, OnlyFans keeps 20% of the revenue as a charge.

Because most of the content on OnlyFans is explicit, users must be at least 18 and have a government-issued ID to join up. OnlyFans also protects each creator’s branded content, guaranteeing that it cannot be shared outside of the site. In fact, if a user attempts to capture a screenshot on the site, the information is blacked out. Users may also be banned if they are detected attempting to screenshot or record what is going on.

Who Uses OnlyFans?

Anyone may make use of OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a community for writers, poets, motivational speakers, authors, painters, chefs, and others. However, the site is most recognized for being a content center for sex workers, porn stars, and others.

OnlyFans is popular among sex workers and amateur pornographers who submit films and photographs and engage with their fans through direct messages because it allows them to publish stuff that would get them banned on other social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

How Much Can You Earn on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans Earnings Explained

OnlyFans establishes minimum and maximum subscription fees. The lowest monthly membership fee is $4.99, while the highest monthly subscription fee is $49.99. Creators may also put up tips or paid private messages for as little as $5. Paid tips and private messages may help creators not only increase their profits but also engage with followers or fans and establish a devoted following.

Despite the fact that her monthly membership fee is set at $6.50, Miss Swedish Bella (aka Monica Huldt) is one of the highest-earning creators on OnlyFans. She earns the most of her money by charging fees for commissioned work communicated through private chat. According to Business Insider, Huldt has over 1100 members and earns more than $100,000 a year through OnlyFans.

Despite having a significant Instagram following before to joining OnlyFans, Huldt admitted to Business Insider that she works on OnlyFans content seven days a week to maintain her profits. Huldt has some words of wisdom for creators thinking about joining OnlyFans to make money: “I would never recommend it to someone if they simply intended to do it two days a week or whatever. In your mind, it’s not a part-time job. You wouldn’t be able to produce enough money.”

Many online sex workers who have developed a presence on OnlyFans agree with this. Many of them complain about how tough it is to make a living on the platform since a large part of it is dependent on being able to create a following. Aside from that, you must devote time and effort to constantly produce content for a period of time before the account begins to generate a sufficient profit.

OnlyFans creators may charge extra fees to sell customized or interactive content on the platform. Some artists have included a tip menu that lists the content and interactions they provide, as well as how much each charge. Again, OnlyFans takes 20% of the earnings creators to bring in and offers this advice on earning money on the platform: “Your earning forecast really depends on the quality and quantity of the content you upload. The more you post, the more incentive there is for your fans to subscribe (and remain subscribed) to your profile.”

How To Get Paid With OnlyFans Referrals

OnlyFans Referrals

OnlyFans also has a referral program in which people who suggest a creative to the platform may receive 5% of the referred creator’s revenue for the first 12 months, up to a maximum of $1 million. There are no restrictions on the number of recommended creators or the total amount of referral revenue. On the first business day of each month, referrals are paid out.

The referral program used to payout 5% of the recommended creator’s profits for life, but due to the platform’s success, referrals are now restricted to the year after enrollment, up to the referred creator’s first $1 million earned. Some creators have started and supported a petition to force OnlyFans to restore the previous method, particularly because many sex workers depend on the OnlyFans site for money. When you consider that OnlyFans already gets 20% of creative revenue, this isn’t such an unreasonable assumption.

Subscription-based social media

Subscription-based social media is a new revenue stream for technical and artistic enterprises. Users pay for and subscribe to obtain and use a certain product or service for a set length of time on a subscription-based social media network.

Even if subscription-based models are more frequent and popular off the Internet (such as gym memberships, newspaper subscriptions, and watching beloved programs on Netflix and Hulu), the popularity of many online companies is rising every day.

Social media and subscription businesses

Subscription-based social media platforms may help businesses and developing brands in numerous ways:

  • Online, businesses may initiate dialogues about the goods and services they provide. This may promote communication and the development of a growing community for your company. This method may also be used to assist a company distinguish itself from rivals in the eyes of current and future customers. Businesses may generate interest in their products and increase demand by using a subscription-based social channel.
  • Subscription-based social media platforms enable companies to deliver true value to their consumers and brand ambassadors. Customers might become advocates for your business and unwittingly assist you in your marketing efforts as a result of the excitement and convenience of a membership on social media sites.
  • When a consumer subscribes to your company, they are making an investment in your long-term growth. A subscription is a long-term (relatively) commitment. Every month, people expect to see more from you. It’s more of the same.

The Internet has developed into a platform with several services, including social networking and e-commerce, to name a few. Social media has progressed from being only a medium for individuals to speak with one another to a marketing tool for companies to use. Similarly, we are seeing the implementation of an altogether new business model – subscription-based – by internet enterprises. The internet subscription-based business is performing well, with most firms seeing rapid development. Some of this may be related to how companies use social media not just for marketing purposes, but also to acquire consumer data.

OnlyFans is only one of the new subscription-based social media networks. MeWe, a subscription-based social network that prides itself on being the anti-Facebook has launched a premium service, giving users of the platform the option to pay for services like adding a business page, adding voice and video calling, and adding cloud storage. Users may have access to all premium features for $4.99 per month. MeWe’s platform has already attracted millions of people searching for an alternative to Facebook.

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, searches for “onlyfans” have increased tremendously on Google and OnlyFans reports that between March and April the site saw roughly 200,000 new people subscribing to the site each day, resulting in a 75% increase of new users. Only time will tell whether OnlyFans’ upward trajectory will continue, but one thing is certain: subscription-based social media is a viable and successful solution to social alienation and our more digital environment.

Onlyfans Statistics

OnlyFans Statistics 2022

1. OnlyFans has paid out over $2 billion in royalties to creators.

Variety said in August 2020, when Bella Thorne was launching OnlyFans, that OnlyFans had paid out more than $1 billion to artists. According to The Information, by November 2020, this number had climbed to $2 billion.

2. Bella Thorne Earned Over A Million Dollars in Her First 24 Hours

Bella Thorne, an actress, singer, and model, made quite an impression during her brief appearance on OnlyFans. Her time on the stage was certainly eventful, despite the fact that it was short.

She joined OnlyFans in August 2020 and earned more than $1 million in income in her first 24 hours, breaking a platform record. She had made this possible by revealing her intentions in a video montage on her Instagram account (where she has 24.3 million followers).

Her profits had quickly increased to $2 million. Her OnlyFans membership was set at $20 per month (with a limited-time 20 percent discount for a one-month subscription and 15 percent off if fans purchase three- or six-month access).

Thorn subsequently stated that she created her OnlyFans account as an experiment for director Sean Baker’s documentary. Baker, on the other hand, has categorically disputed this.

Bella Thorne was only on OnlyFans for a brief period of time. She sparked outrage by providing $200 pay-per-view photographs of herself “naked,” although the images really showed her wearing lingerie. As a consequence of a large number of refund requests, OnlyFans reportedly changed the regulations governing payment rates and chargebacks. Thorn’s actions, according to sex workers on the site, have impacted their income.

3. The majority of accounts earn less than $145 each month

The majority of artists do not earn a lot of money via OnlyFans. In fact, the vast majority of them earn less than $145 a month.

It should be noted, however, that one reason for this disparity is that the bulk of OnlyFans accounts has no fans at all. They’re not built for serious broadcasting.

4. The top 1% of accounts make 33% of the money

XSRUS, on the other hand, notes that the income of content creators follows a conventional power-law distribution. The best achievers make far more than the rest of the workforce. The top one percent of accounts earn 33% of all money, while the top ten percent of accounts make 73% of all money.

Influencers and celebrities, of course, have a natural edge when it comes to earning money on OnlyFans. They bring with them a ready-made audience. It shouldn’t be difficult to convert a percentage of an already substantial Instagram following to OnlyFans and get money from them.

5. The average monthly earnings from OnlyFans are $180

XSRUS analyzed the figures to determine the expected revenue of OnlyFans creators. They estimate that the average account earns about $180 per month. They do note, however, that their figures omit to tip since there is no information accessible on OnlyFans concerning money collected as tips.

6. OnlyFans takes a 20% cut on all transactions made by its users

The business concept of OnlyFans is clear. They provide as a platform for paywall-protected content. Creators create and distribute unique content in exchange for a fee from their members. OnlyFans receives a portion of those fees.

In truth, OnlyFans retains a sizable 20% of all payments made by subscribers. OnlyFans generates more money the more you charge and the more members you have. This is true for all payments made on OnlyFans, not just those for adult content.

According to XSRUS, OnlyFans has a superior business plan than Uber or Airbnb. An Uber driver or Airbnb homeowner may only serve one group of clients at a time. An OnlyFans channel, on the other hand, has no such restriction. You may add more subscribers at any moment, and everyone can view the content at the same time, with OnlyFans earning a 20% profit from everyone. “On OnlyFans, it’s multiplicative: the same selfie might satisfy 10 or 1000 devoted followers.”

7. 500,000 New Users Per Day | 15 Million New Users Per Month!

OnlyFans creator Tim Stockley was mentioned in The West Australian in 2019 as claiming that 1,000 new members registered on the site per hour.

That undoubtedly sounded like a lot at the time. Users, on the other hand, have continued to flock to the site. As previously said, Mashable references an OnlyFans official who claims that the number of new members and content providers almost quadrupled in March 2020 alone.

According to Tim Stokely, OnlyFans averages 500,000 new subscribers every day as of December 2020, according to many publications.

8. 7,000–8,000 New Content Creators Every Day

OnlyFans founder Tim Stockley was mentioned in the Western Australian in early 2019 as stating, “We are presently onboarding over 3000 new content creators per week.” Of course, this was before COVID had everyone at home wondering what to do with their time. Since then, an increasing number of content providers have joined OnlyFans.

According to the site’s chief operating officer Thomas Stokely, by May 2020, the site was acquiring 7,000-8,000 new content providers every day.

9. 50,000,000 Registered Users

We run into the same issue with a lack of formally registered user numbers that we did with content providers. We can only infer from papers that have been published throughout time. OnlyFans reportedly has 7 million registered members in 2019. According to a January 2020 Economist story on British OnlyFans celebrity Lucy-Anne Brooks, OnlyFans claimed to have 12 million registered members at the time.

Mashable claimed in March 2020 that OnlyFans has 26 million registered members.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, had more than 50 million registered members by late August 2020, according to Variety. Clearly, many individuals have resorted to OnlyFans to pass the time while under COVID-imposed confinement.

Top Onlyfans Earners

Most of the top earners were already famous before joining OnlyFans, so it’s not unexpected that they have massive fan bases prepared to pay high prices for exclusive content from them. Don’t consider the platform’s top earners to be competitors. Instead, utilize their tales as inspiration and guidance on how to create income using OnlyFans.

As a content creator on OnlyFans, you get to establish your own fees and pick what sort of content you want to make and when you want to create it. Unlike social media networking sites, OnlyFans empowers artists to do what they want, rather than what a certain business thinks is ideal. OnlyFans empowers content creators to be who and what they want to be.

All of the figures below are estimates for 2021, compiled from different media sites and study papers.

OnlyFans Top Earners

With all those OnlyFans earnings you might want some coffin nails or box chains for your next set of content.

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