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Sams Club Gas Station: 7 Groundbreaking Tips Before You Go

Sams Club Gas Station

Filling up at Sam’s Club may be a wonderful way to save for millions of Americans who have a Sam’s Club membership. However, purchasing petrol from Sam’s Club is not the same as going to your local gas station.

You may have some questions regarding Sam’s Club gas before you receive your Sam’s Club membership.

This page can assist you if you’re wondering what Sam’s Club gas hours are, how to check costs before heading to Sam’s Club, or simply want to get a feel for Sam’s Club Gas before visiting.

Many Sam’s Club shoppers take advantage of Sam’s Club gas because it can be a nice saving when you fill up at Sam’s Club gas station on a regular basis. Sam’s Club gas prices are typically 10-20% lower than normal gas station prices in most towns, so the savings can be significant for those who go frequently.

Whether you’re a new Sam’s Club member or just seeking answers to particular issues like gas station hours, gas prices, or whether you can purchase gas without a membership, this page will give you the lowdown.

Sam’s Club Gas Hours

While the hours for Sam’s Club gas stations are fairly typical, you should check your store hours here to see what your local store hours are; nonetheless, below are the usual hours for most Sam’s Club gas stations:

Sunday 9am—7pm
Monday 6am—9pm
Tuesday 6am—9pm
Wednesday 6am—9pm
Thursday 6am—9pm
Friday 6am—9pm
Saturday 6am—9pm

1. Before you travel, check the gas costs at Sam’s Club

Before you go, you may check gas prices online with Sam’s Club.

To locate Sam’s Club gas costs before you leave the house, use an app like GasBuddy, which allows you to check Sam’s Club gas prices before you leave. If the price is less than that of your local gas station, Sam’s Club may be a decent choice; otherwise, the cheaper alternative is preferable.

While Sam’s Club used to display gas prices online, you’ll now need to download an app to do so. I normally simply use the GasBuddy app to perform a fast comparison, which has saved me a lot of money since it allows me to compare various stations.

GasBuddy, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, is the most convenient method to check the price of petrol at Sam’s Club. When compared to adjacent gas stations, you’ll save 10 cents per gallon on average!

2. Be aware of when your station opens and closes

You’ll want to know when and where your local Sam’s Club gas station is open and closed. Sam’s Club gas hours are generally the same as conventional fuel center hours, which are Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What is my advice? If possible, avoid filling up on weekends. Weekends are the busiest days at Sam’s Club Gas, so the more you fill up on weekdays, the better off you’ll be.

Check here to see when your local Sam’s Club gas station opens and closes.

3. Keep your membership card close at reach

When you arrive at your Sam’s Club, have your Sam’s Club card available. Remember that Sam’s Club gas stations are solely for members, therefore when you purchase petrol at Sam’s Club, you must input your membership card.

A common issue is if Sam’s Club gift cards will work if you are not a member. Whether you’re wondering if you can spend Sam’s Club gift cards at Sam’s Club petrol, the answer is no.

If you have any queries, please read the complete policy here.

4. Select a pump and keep it moving

If you don’t often buy gas at Sam’s Club, you may be perplexed the first time you drive in.

To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, all automobiles enter Sam’s Club gas stations at a single entry, pull ahead to the pump of your choosing, and then go forward to depart.

It’s really rather amazing and greatly facilitates automobile entry and exit. There will be no automobiles driving in from all directions or jostling for the next available pump. Simply in and out.

This illustration can help you comprehend Sam’s Club’s one-way pumping:

Sam's Club Fuel Center Near Me

5. Do you have to be a Sam’s Club member to get gas?

Sam’s Club members may only obtain petrol at their gas stations around the country.

The following is the fine print from Sam’s Club’s website about Gas Station payment options:

Sam's Club Gas Station Payment Options

To save money on a Sam’s Club membership, visit the membership offers page!

6. Is it possible to purchase gas at Sam’s Club after hours?

Unfortunately, no. As previously said, hours vary by location, but for those who had anticipated that Sam’s Club was open 24 hours a day, that is not the case.

The usual Sam’s Club gas hours are Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., but as always, double verify your gas station hours before visiting.

The usual Sam’s Club gas hours may be found here.

7. Be aware that the gas offered at Sam’s Club isn’t of the highest quality

Before purchasing gas from Sam’s Club, you should be aware that the gas isn’t of the highest quality.

Unlike Costco, the petrol you purchase at Sam’s Club isn’t of the highest quality. Keep in mind that this should not cause you undue concern. It’s comforting to know that many prominent gas stations, such as Marathon, Sunoco, and Hess, aren’t top tier either, but it’s something everyone contemplating a Sam’s Club membership for gas should be aware of.

For the most part, you’ll be alright purchasing gas from Sam’s Club that isn’t top-tier.

What do you think: Do you believe that shopping at Sam’s Club is worthwhile for you? How does Sam’s Club gas compare to adjacent gas stations? Do you believe an app like GasBuddy can help you save money at the pump? We’d love to hear from you!


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