Top 15 Broke Celebrities 2022: Hollywood Stars Who Lost Their Fortune:

Top 15 Broke Celebrities 2022

Being famous frequently comes with being wealthy if you are wise and prudent with your money. However, most celebrities get enamored with their luxurious lifestyles, leaving their bank accounts empty and their lives in disarray. Which celebrities owe money? This post includes the top 15 broke celebrities who went bankrupt as well as those who are in debt, and who knows, their experience may end up teaching you to make better financial choices in the future. 

Some of these Hollywood stars make poor investments, waste their wealth on items that make no sense to most people, and sometimes attempt to live above their means, putting them farther into debt. Just because they are Hollywood superstars does not automatically imply that they are always rolling about and having a wonderful time. The following list of 15 top broke celebrities may surprise you, while some may be common knowledge.

Broke celebrities 2022

What celebrities are currently bankrupt? The 15 most broke celebrities are listed below. There are more, but these are the most prominent. Despite their degree of celebrity, most of them are the result of some fairly awful decisions they made in life. The list also includes the net worth of broke celebrities.

1. Curtis Jackson — 50 Cent (Net worth: 30M)

50 cent broke celebrity

It’s difficult to fathom someone as successful as 50 cents going bankrupt. The rapper and actor declared bankruptcy in 2015 after it was revealed that he was $32.5 million in debt as a result of various lawsuits and unpaid child support obligations. His financial woes were exacerbated when he was ordered to pay $5 million after publishing an obscene video online, ruining his image in the process. 

2. Nicolas Cage (Net worth: $25M)

Nicolas Cage broke celebrity

Nicolas was one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, earning $40 million in only one year. On the contrary, he is one of its most ardent supporters. He bought a lot of houses, cars, and unique artifacts. Because of his perilous lifestyle, he had to sell several of his personal items, including a prized comic book. He’s spent a lot of money on anomalies like a dinosaur skull, a collection of shrunken pygmy heads, and a handful of castles in Germany and the United Kingdom.

3. Pamela Anderson (Net worth: $20M)

Pamela Anderson broke celebrity

Pamela Anderson was finding out how to keep her accounts on track despite a way of life that included lavish homes, extravagant festivities, and various cosmetic surgical operations until the assessment guy came knocking.

Anderson was one of Hollywood’s finest centerfold female jewels, deserving of $35 million. In any event, after losing all of her well-deserved money, this American actress found up living in a trailer park, becoming one of the homeless celebrities.

4. Lisa Marie Presley (Net worth: $16M)

Lisa Marie Presley broke celebrity

Presley has never been short on cash, and he reveled in a boyhood filled with horses, personal luxury jets, and private amusement parks. The father was well-known for being extravagant with his money. He once transported his daughter to Idaho on a private luxury jet after she wanted to play in the snow, only to have her return twenty minutes later. Following an expensive divorce from Michael Lockwood, the artist-musician was left with $16 million in indebtedness.

5. Johnny Depp (Net worth: $15M)

Johnny Depp broke celebrity

Depp was earning $30 million for each Pirates of the Caribbean film. In 2012, he was the highest-paid actor in the world, with his films earning him $8 billion worldwide. He owns 14 residences, an $18 million boat, and 45 automobiles as of 2017. He also spent a lot of money on wine every month. He claimed that his finance staff mismanaged his millions, leaving Depp bankrupt.

6. Mike Tyson (Net worth: $15M)

Mike Tyson broke celebrity

During his boxing career, Mike Tyson amassed more than $400 million. He was also renowned for his lavish lifestyle, lavishing money on adornments, mansions, sports cars, and parties—he even kept Siberian tigers as pets. In any event, he was unable to bring in that cash last and went bankrupt in 2003, when he was had to declare financial bankruptcy due to a $23 million commitment.

7. Lena Headey (Net worth: $14M)

Lena Headey broke celebrity

Lena is a British-Bermudan actress. She portrayed Cersei Lannister in the HBO series Game of Thrones. She made a lot of money from the movie, but she was going through a divorce at the time, and her husband was suing for palimony and child support payments. She is still working hard to make ends meet. 

8. Wesley Snipes (Net worth: $10M)

Wesley Snipes broke celebrity

Wesley Snipes was one of Hollywood’s top stars in the early 1990s. His appearances in New Jack City, Passenger 57, Blade, and other films helped him become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid and most popular actors. His problems began when he was imprisoned numerous times for failing to submit US federal income tax returns, resulting in time in federal prison for tax fraud. Furthermore, he fell bankrupt as a result of his extravagant spending

9. Chris Tucker (Net worth: $5M)

Chris Tucker broke celebrity

Tucker was one of the highest-paid performers in Hollywood. However, once the government filed a $2.5 million tax lien against him, he found himself in grave financial straits. Fortunately, he was able to arrange a settlement agreement and avoid going to prison. His financial problems began when he allowed his management staff handles his money, something he now profoundly regrets!

10. Sinbad (Net worth: $4M)

Sinbad broke celebrity

Sinbad, the comedian, has been bankrupt twice. The first occurred in 2009 as a result of a massive spending commitment of more than $2.5 million. Sinbad sought financial protection in 2013 due to the high expenses of conducting business, all in the hope of landing a lucrative film contract that would replenish his funds.

Sinbad was supposedly in the negative for $10 million at the time of his eventual insolvency, $8 million of which was due to unpaid assessments from 1998 to 2006.

11. Kim Basinger (Net worth: $1,260,000)

Kim Basinger broke celbrity

Basinger is an actress, singer, and former fashion model from the United States. She relocated to Los Angeles after a successful modeling career in New York, where she started her acting career. When she pulled out of Boxing Helena’s starring part, she found herself in a dire financial condition. She was required to pay $8.1M for breaking the contract. As a result, she declared bankruptcy.

12. Tori Spelling (Net worth: $1M)

Tori Spelling broke celebrity

Tori Spelling, the multimillionaire producer’s daughter, has struggled to live within her means. She attributes her difficulties to the fact that she was up in a privileged and exceedingly rich family. She is now the subject of multiple litigations stemming from unpaid debts and credit cards.

13. Kelly Rutherford (Net worth: $1M)

Kelly Rutherford broke celebrity

Kelly is a well-known American actress. She is best known for her role as Stephanie Whitmore in the NBC daytime serial series Generations. Her tale is not one of frivolous spending but of a traumatic divorce and custody fight. The costly expenditures of divorce and custody fights, combined with her inability to work, caused her to declare bankruptcy in 2013.

14. Gary Busey (Net worth: $800,000)

Gary Busey broke celebrity

Gary Busey was down to his final $50,000 when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012, after appearing in over 70 films. He owed at least ten times that much to a slew of creditors including the IRS. The actor, who is well-known for his eccentricities, once confessed to an all-consuming cocaine addiction. He is one of the broke celebs who do regular jobs.

15. Lindsay Lohan (Net worth: $800,000)

Lindsay Lohan broke celebrity

Who is the most broke celebrity? Lindsay is the least popular person on the planet. She was the sexiest young actress in the world in her early days, making $7.5 million per film for movies like Just My Luck and Herbie Fully Loaded, among others. She had a net worth of more than $30 million in 2004 when she was just 18 years old. Her wealth was predicted to be $800,000 in 2020. As a result, she is one of the poorest celebrities.

The following is a list of the top 15 broke celebrities in 2021, some of them are homeless. The essay serves as a reminder to arrange your funds prudently since anything might happen. When you’re at the top of your game, spend carefully since everything may change in an instant.

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